Press Releases

TEDxCardiff talk
ERC Consolidator grant notification (€1.8 million), see also here and here
Royal Astronomical Society Fowler Award for early achievement (see also here and here)
Inspiration Wales Awards
Noble gas found in space [Barlow et al. 2013]
Wales Bring the Universe into Classrooms – outreach project
Inspiring next Generation of Scientists – announcement of funding for outreach
Want some dust with your Crab [Gomez et al. 2012b]
Recipe for Water: just add starlight [Decin et al. 2012]
Selected to appear in photo exhibition of astronomers by Max Alexander, see also [here][23] and here. This exhibition toured the UK, launching at the Royal Albert Hall.
10,000 Earth's worth of fresh dust found in exploding star [Rho et al. 2009]
Dust Factory Around Dead Star [Dunne et al. 2009]
3-D view of exploding star [DeLaney et al. 2010]
Voice of Young Science Debunking Detox dossier – discussed on News Quiz amongst others
Scientist Star on the rise – about shortlist for Times Higher Young Researcher of the Year award
[Explosive Origin of Cosmic Dust][23] [Dunne et al. 2003]

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