Seminars, Conferences, and Talks

2014 – present

2015 Seminar Warwick (UK)
2015 Invited colloquium Anton Pannekoek Institute (Netherlands)
2015 Invited Keynote for PyCon Ireland (declined due to clash)
2014 Colloquium University of Leicester (UK)
2014 Seminar Bristol (UK)
2014 Invited talk at workshop on SPICA – (NL, declined due to teaching)
2014 Invited review talk at 10,000 days of SN1987A (Australia)
2014 Contributed talk at 10,000 days of SN1987A (Australia)
2014 Invited Panel discussion x2 at 10,000 days of SN1987A (Australia)
2014 Chair and co-organizer of session NAM (UK)
2014 Invited Panel discussion consisting of 3 members to discuss cosmic dust at European Week of Astronomy (Geneva)


2013 Invited Review on dust in supernovae at Taipei, 2013
2013 Scientific Organizing Committee for LifeCycle of Dust conference (Taipei)
2013 Invited talk for international workshop, Leiden Sept 2013


2012 Contributed Talk International Astronomy Union (China)
2012 Contributed Talk Conference NASA Baltimore
2012 Organizer 1 day RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting (UK)
2012 Seminar Manchester (UK)
2012 Seminar University California Santa Barbara (US)
2012 Colloquium University College London (UK)

Before 2011

2011 Contributed Talk National Astronomy Meeting (UK)
2010 invited RAS talk for specialist meeting: Herschel
2010 Seminar UCSB, Santa Barbara, US
2010 Brown bag lunch, LCOGT, Santa Barbara, US
2010 Talk and Co-organiser of one day workshop in celebration of the research of Prof Mike Edmunds, Cardiff
2009 Session Chair, Cosmic Dust Workshop, Copenhagen
2009 Invited Presentation NAM, Hertfordshire
2008 Brown Bag Lunch, LCOGT & UCSB, Santa Barbara, US
2008 Seminar, JCBA Manchester
2008 Seminar, Southampton
2008 Seminar, Infrared Astronomy, National Observatory of Athens, Greece
2004 Talk, National Astronomy Meeting, Bristol, UK
2003 Talk, National Astronomy Meeting, Dublin